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Bidhan Chandra Krishi Visvavidyalaya Mohanpur was established in September 1974 by West Bengal Act 49 of 1974 through bifurcation of Kalyani University. It has its main campus at Mohanpur and the research complex is situated at Kalyani.       

The Visvavidyalaya has 3 faculties viz. Agriculture, Horticulture and Agricultural Engineering. In each faculty the academic, administrative and programme implementation are managed by the respective Dean. However, the Post-graduate Education (Masters and Doctoral) of all the faculties are coordinated by Dean, Post Graduate Studies. The Visvavidyalya has 17 Departments in Agriculture (Agronomy, Agricultural Biochemistry, Agricultural Chemistry & Soil Sc., Agricultural Entomology, Agril. Economocs, Agro. Extention, Agrio. Meteorology & Physics, Agricultural Statistics, Animal Science, Bio-technology Instrumentation & Environmental Science, Genetics, Plant Breeding, Plant Pathology, Plant Physiology, Seed Science & Technology, Soil & Water Conservation), 5 Departments in Horticultural (Floriculture & Landscaping, Fruits & Orchard Management, Post Harvest Technology of Horticultural Crops, Spices & Plantation Crops, Vegetable Crops), and 4 Departments in Agricultural Engineering (Farm Machinery & Power, Food Technology, Post Harvest Engineering, Soil & Water Engineering,)and is creating professionally trained human resources to cater the needs of the fast developing Agricultural Sciences including Horticultural and Agricultural Engineering. The Heads manage the affairs in their respective academic departments and is guided by the Board of Studies (BOS). All the teachers serving as specialist in a particular subject matter, and attacted to Teaching/ Research/ Extension become members of the BOS.

The Viswavidyalaya is offering B. Sc. (Ag.) Hons, B. Sc (Hort.) and B. Tech. (Agricultural engineering) and all courses are four year integrated. Beside the graduate programme, the faculties of Agriculture, Horticulture and Agricultural Engineering also offer Post graduate programme leading to M. Sc. (Ag.), M. Sc. (Hort.) and M. Tech degree and Ph. D. degree are also offered by these faculties. The Directorate of Research manage and coordinate the entire research activities of the Viswavidyalaya. The Directorate of Extension Education organizes wide range of outreach activities of the Viswavidyalaya- training, technology integration and communication & dissemination of information. The Viswavidyalaya administration is managed by the Registrar and the financial affairs are dealt with by the Comptroller. The Vice Chancellor, as the executive head of the Viswavidyalaya takes decisions and implement programme of activities on the advices of the Executive Council.

The Court is the highest level of policy-making body, with Governor of the state as the Chancellor its Chairman.