Indian Agricultural Universities Association



The name of the Society is “Indian Agricultural Universities Association” which includes all allied sciences hereinafter referred to as the “Association”.

The office of the Association shall be at NASC Complex, PUSA, New Delhi-110012

The objectives of the association are as fallows:

  1. To serve as inter-agricultural university organization.
  2. To promote, support and to undertake such programs as may help to improve norms and standards in education, research, training and extension in agricultural universities.
  3. To act as a bureau of information and to facilitate communication, coordination and mutual consultation amongst agricultural universities.
  4. To act as a liaison between the agricultural universities, ICAR and the Government (Central as well as the State).
  5. To co-ordinate and cooperate with Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Biotechnology, University Grants Commission and other universities or bodies (national or international) in matters of common interest.
  6. To act as representative of agricultural universities of India.
  7. To help maintain the autonomous character of agricultural universities.
  8. To facilitate exchange of teaching, research and extension personnel.
  9. To appoint or recommend, wherever necessary, a common representative of the Association at any conference – national or international on agricultural education, research, extension or allied programs.
  10. To assist agricultural universities in obtaining recognition for their degrees, diplomas and examinations from other universities – Indian as well as foreign.
  11. To undertake, organize and facilitate conferences, seminars, workshops, lectures and research projects in agricultural and allied programs.
  12. To promote sports, youth welfare, students services, cultural programs, farmers education and such other activities as are conducive to the betterment and welfare of students or teachers and others among member universities.
  13. To act as a service agency to agricultural universities in whatever manner it may be required or prescribed.
  14. To undertake, facilitate and provide for publication of newsletters, research papers, books and journals
  15. To invest and deal with funds of the Association and to vary, alter or transpose such investments from time to time as deemed fit.
  16. To sell, mortgage, lease, exchange and otherwise transfer or dispose of or deal with all or any property, movable or immovable of the Association for the furtherance of the objects of the Association.
  17. To construct, maintain, alter, improve or develop any building or works necessary or convenient for the activities of the Association.
  18. To receive donations, fees and other charges as may be permissible under the bye-laws.
  19. To create administrative, ministerial and other necessary posts and to make appointments thereto.
  20. To establish a Provident Fund for the benefit of the employees of the Association.
  21. To do or get done all such other activities and things as are conducive or incidental to the attainment of the objectives of the Association.