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Anand Agricultural University, Anand - 388110 (Gujarat)

Name of the University: Anand Agricultural University, Anand - 388110 (Gujarat)

Year of Establishment: 01-05-2004

Agriculturally Prosperous Gujarat and India

The mission of the Anand Agricultural University is to provide teaching, research and extension education services related to Agriculture and Allied Sciences including newer sciences like Agricultural Information Technology, Agricultural Engineering Technology, Food Processing Technology, Agricultural Business Management; etc. and thereby develop excellent human resource and innovative technologies to serve the farming community with the motto of making Gujarat and India agriculturally prosperous.

Jurisdiction / Area of Operation:
Ahmedabad, Anand, Botad, Chhotaudapur, Dahod, Kheda, Mahisagar, Panchmahal and Vadodara Districts of Central Gujarat

Educational Programmes offered (PG / UG / Polytechnic):

Anand Agricultural University offers the Under graduate degree programmes viz; B.Sc. (Hons.) Agri., B.Tech. (Agri. Engineering); B.Tech. (Food Technology); B.Tech. (Agri. Information Technology) and B.Sc. (Hons.) Horticulture.

The University offers Post graduate programmes (for Masters and Ph.D.) in faculty of Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering & Technology; Food Technology andMasters Degree programmes in Agricultural Information Technology and Agri. Business Management.

Polytechnic courses are also offered in Agriculture, Horticulture, Agricultural Engineering as well as Food Science & Home Economics.

The University also offers Distance learning Master degree programmes in Agricultural Journalism and Agricultural Marketing.

Major Area of Research:

  1. Agriculture :
    • Innovative crop husbandry with emphasis on plant geometry, energy and integrated crop management, cropping pattern, crop diversification, soil moisture management and agronomy practices including fertilizer management.
    • Contingent crop planning for different categories of anticipated weather situation.
    • To develop new crop management technologies to withstand under climate change situation.
    • Effective research strategies for development of draught, thermo, salinity and disease and pest resistant / tolerant varieties.
    • Plant Tissue Culture technology
    • Molecular plant breeding including genetic diversity analysis,development of molecular cytogenetic maps and genetic purity testing for inter specific hybrids.
    • Identification, collection, evaluation and conservation of natural enemies in major field / food crops, horticulture crops, cash crops and transgenic crops.
    • Monitoring and surveillance of emerging diseases under global warming and mapping of disease free areas of important diseases.
    • Management of herbicide resistant weeds and development of biocontrol of weeds.
    • Isolation, identification and conservation of beneficial microorganisms such as nitrogen fixer, phosphate solubalizer, PGPR, BGA etc.
    • Monitoring heavy metal toxicity in relation to soil-plant-animal-human relationship.
    • Development of multi residue methods of new safer molecules.
    • Regular monitoring programmes for various food commodities to check the presence of pesticide residues.
  2. Agril. Engineering
    • Development of technologies for efficient management & utilization of natural resources (land, water, vegetation and energy).
    • Development of improved equipments for timely agricultural operations and higher input efficiency with safety and comfort to operators.
    • Development of technologies suitable for processing and storage of crops, fruits and vegetables.
    • Development of renewable energy technologies for efficient energy utilization.
    • Development of crop, site and gender specific farm equipment.
    • Development of climate resilient engineering techniques.
  3. Agril. Information Technology
    • Sensor Networks
    • Optimize agriculture production and reducing human intervention using various ICT tools.
    • Development of new algorithms and tools to process biological data for Bioinformatics analysis.
    • Mobile Technology applications in agriculture finance and services.
    • Data warehousing and Data Mining applications in agriculture forecasting and prediction.
    • Application of GIS, GPS and Remote Sensing in Agriculture
  4. Food Technology
    • New and innovative nutrition rich and functional foods.
    • Increase keeping quality of fresh and processed foods.
    • Innovative packaging.
    • New additions (Natural sources) as preservative and colour.
    • Simple and indigenous process control for food processing lines.
    • Traditional and ethnic food standardization.
    • Development of better post harvest technologies and equipment for cereals, oilseeds, pulses and horticultural crops.
    • Value addition and quality products development.
    • Development of technologies for effective utilization of various renewable energy sources and biomass.
    • Quality assessment of various food products.
  5. Agribusiness Management
    • Research on Agricultural Marketing in context to input, output and infrastructure, Market intelligence and information, Feasibility analysis of new products/projects, Branding, Competitive analysis, Market share and market potential
    • International Trade and Agribusiness Policy
    • Supply Chain Management and Value Chain Analysis
    • Issues of Finance and Credit in agribusiness
    • Business Concerns of Livestock, Fisheries and allied sectors
    • Operational Research and Quality Management
    • Research on Human Resource and Development of Agri Entrepreneurship

Highlights of Extension Education Activities:(Including Number of KVKs, Training Programmes / Certificate Courses, etc.)

The Anand Agricultural University performs diversified extension education activities like certificate courses, special training program for farmers, Training center for extension workers, NARP of Technology center for Farmers/Farm Woman/Rural Youth, Advisory Mahostav, Kisan Call Center, Seed Village Program, Krushi Library, etc. Total 17 centers located at different places in the Jurisdiction Anand Agricultural University. The university has 3 KVKs located at Arnej (Ahmedabad), Dahod, Devataj (Anand). The publication unit publishes the monthly farm magazine ‘Krushigovidya’ and one quarterly ‘AAU Newsletter’. Total 63 special issues and 76 books have been published for the welfare of farming community. The Directorate of Extension Education is planning, coordinating, organizing, working and guiding the extension education programs in the university and ensure efficient working of the extension education activities in close coordination with the development department, voluntary and private organizations.

Strength of the University:(Including 5 important achievements)

  1. Total 89 crop varieties released during the year 2004-2021.
  2. Total 1473 technologies and recommendations were released, out of which 926 for farmers and 547 for scientific community during the year 2004-2021.
  3. 11 patents were filed and 14 crop varieties registered under PPV & FR
  4. Commercial Tissue Culture Protocols developed for Date Palm, Parval (Pointed gourd), Kankoda (Spine gourd), Stevia developed by Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory.
  5. Liquid Bio-fertilizer Production protocols developed with commercial scale production.
  6. Pioneer in probiotic research in India and till now 12 bacterial cultures have been deposited as Indian pattern deposits.

Niche Area of Excellence (Area in which University is strong):

  1. Pesticide Residue Analysis in agricultural produce, nutraceuticals and processed food.
  2. Metagenomic Analysis of Ruminal Microbes
  3. Centre of Excellence on Agricultural Biotechnology

Status of Autonomy:

Autonomous University funded by Government of Gujarat.

Funding support received (From State and other agencies):

State Government: 24005.00 lakhs

01-04-2020 to 31-3-2021

Other Agency: 8325.00 lakhs

Faculty Position:

  • Sanctioned: 585
  • In position: 390
  • Vacant: 195

Student intake:

  • UG: 455
  • PG: 206
  • Ph. D: 51

Contact Details

Name of Vice Chancellor : Dr. K.B. Kathiria
Telephone (Office) : (02692) 261273
Telephone (Residence) :
Fax : (02692) 261520
Email :
Website :